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Vaccination campaign held on January 20, 2011 by Dr. Sandra Moré Mallén, Medical Director of the FSV and FSV president, Jacqueline Bello Isaías. 

Fundación Salvavidas in Haiti
Fundacion in Haiti

We just returned from our land voyage into Haiti.  Our trip lasted several days in the apocalyptic Haiti.  Our objective was to evaluate the needs of this hurting community and their animals, due to the devastating earthquake that destroyed this nation.

We traveled through Port-au-Prince to ground zero: Léogáne, Petit Goave, Croix-des-Bouquets and all their sectors, including Fond Parisien, Thomazeau, Delman 33 hasta 54 and Pétion-Ville, as well as walking through the makeshift tent camps (erradicated in garbage dumps). We saw their needs: their hunger, their health, where the so mentioned aide has not reached the public. We shared, under these makeshift tents, with its survivors and their animals, many of which are dehydrating, mal-nutrient, are sick and in need of vetenary attention. Needless to say, none of the animal health organizations have come by any of these camps.

If the Haitian people are hungry, what can we say about their animals. They rummage for food and drink through garbage dumps, where we found most biting pieces of carton.

Upon arriving Haiti, we came across many cows and bulls walking along side lake Eiang Saumatre, a salt water reserve, looking for food and drink, and trying to find shade in an almost all desolate town of beaming sun. They were lost, alone and with nowhere to go.

We traveled in peace, meeting the sick and hurt, welcoming us with open arms and grand hospitality. This is a country in need of our help.  We have a commitment, not only of Fundacion Salvavidas, but of all individuals that serve and profess helping those in need.  Let us help Haiti.

Join our campaign HELP FOR HAITI & THEIR ANIMALS. Let's speak for those who can't.

Our Priority: Mobile Clinic

Mobil Clinic

The need for a mobil clinic in our country is vital. We are a poor country with a lot of vetenary needs in all cities and towns of our republic. Our communities do not have the funds or resources to save our animals.

It is our most urgent need to integrate a fully equiped mobile clinic to allow us to serve our communities with the veternary needs their animals deserve, as well as facilitate the sterilization and various surgeries needed in the country.

Your donation is vital in order for us to purchase this mobil clinic. With it, we can put into effect our campaign for mobil vaccines, sterilizations, and general vetenary needs. This, in order to cure, save, control cruelty that our animals are suffering.

Your generous donations will help that our work will reach more towns and animals in our country and help those that can't speak for themselves.